Questions and Answers




  1. I need help writing a cover letter and resume. Can you help? YES! In fact, one of the thing I'm most passionate about is helping other's find a job they’re passionate about and a company where they can thrive. To learn more about how I work with people, click here.

  2. I need help starting a blog or online business. Can you coach me through this? At this time, I don't offer 1:1 blog coaching. I do offer private career coaching and also offer an Influencer Marketing Bootcamp that teaches everything I've learned from working on the inside + outside of influencer marketing.

  3. I'm looking for help ASAP with a job negotiation. Can you help? Yes! I know how stressful the job application process can be and how quickly the process and move. If you're looking for 1:1 help, book a call with me here. If you're looking for more of a DIY approach, you can also checkout my salary negotiation guide.

I’m a life long learner. In my professional career, I worked in SaaS sales, marketing, and now I work as a recruiter in the startup industry.