Destiny Lalane
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I help millennials adult and live their best lives.


Looking for a new job? Need help finding a little clarity in your career? Want help getting your foot in the door?

In this free 12 day career challenge, you will learn how to be more strategic in your job search, how and why you should get started on Linkedin, resume tips, and interview strategies straight from a Technical Recruiter … pst, that’s me!

Hey there, game changer 

I’m Destiny Lalane.



I’m a Technical Recruiter and a Career Coach with a passion for helping people find stimulating careers and lifestyles that fuel their health.

I’ve been featured in Refinery29, Search Engine Journal and Levo League. I have bylines in Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, PaleoHacks, Jopwell, and Glassdoor sharing my advice on professional development and living your best life.

I’m a life long learner. In my professional career, I worked in SaaS sales, marketing, and now I work as a recruiter in the startup industry.

Originally from Bay Shore, New York, I'm currently based in Los Angeles, CA. If you’re a business looking to hire me as a consultant or for brand partnerships, feel free to reach out!

Courses for Your Career 

Building a career you love takes time. Whether you’re looking to get your career started, interested in landing a job at a tech startup, or looking to make an industry change in your career. Listen up! My courses are designed for people with various backgrounds. Whether you have an MBA or a high school diploma, my courses are designed to help you understand the ins and outs to build a sustainable career that you love in today’s society.

job search + salary negotiation tips

12 Day Career


Learn how to find a job you love, network like a boss, and negotiate the salary you deserve!